September 1, 2013

Trick GS007 retrofit kit

By Darin Soll

Drummer Mike McCraw designed and patented a series of adapter plates that allow you to upgrade the stock throwoff on a variety of snare drums to the Trick GS007 without drilling any new holes.  The Trick GS007 is one of the best throws available today, utilizing a helical groove design and beautifully machined parts for extremely smooth and reliable action.

I ordered the "Trick GS007 to Slingerland kit" from Mike's "Retroplate" website (, which includes your choice of Trick GS007 (chrome or black, single- or multi-step) and the adapter plate for $94.95 with free shipping.  Prices vary a bit across the different adapter kits he offers.

I received my order last week and upgraded my 1975 Slingerland 6.5x14 chrome-over-brass snare, replacing the original Zoomatic throw.  You can see the results here...

Trick GS007 retrofit to Slingerland chrome-over-brass snare drum

As you can see, the chrome throw looks great with the drum, and the adapter plate makes it a very simple and clean install.  And what difference it makes when playing with a throw that works smoothly, holds its setting, drops the snares completely off the snare head, and well, isn't a Zoomatic!

$95 may seem like a lot of money to invest into a $300 drum, but my "go to" snares need to have good throws.  This upgrade fixes the one weak spot of an otherwise great snare drum--and, I can return it to original condition at any time by pulling a head, removing three screws, and reinstalling the Zoomatic.

If you are struggling with the current throw on your snare, take a look at Mike's site and see if he can help you out...and yes, he offers a kit for the Ludwig P85!