April 13, 2013

Rocket Shells snare drum

By Darin Soll

I should listen to Rythym Dog--he has been right about every piece of advice he has given me.  "Get the Aquarian Super Kick II--best bass drum head on the market."  Agreed.  "Don't buy cymbal packs--you will regret it."  Check.  "Paiste cymbals are worth the money."  Yep, they are.  "Check out Rocket Shells drums--they sound great."  Again--true statement.

Rocket Shells drums utilize carbon-fiber over core shells.  They now focus on manufacturing shells rather than complete drums, but I was able to find a used Rocket Shells C-900 8x13 snare drum on eBay for $250.  The hoops were bent and scratched up, but that's an easy fix for a drum that retails for $800.  I threw away the old hoops and heads and cleaned up the shell and lugs.  New Evans Power Center reverse dot and Hazy 300 heads and a set of 2.3mm WorldMax chrome hoops from drumfactorydirect.com--I'm not a big fan of dark-colored hoops--and I have essentially a brand new Rocket Shells snare drum!

Rocket Shells 8x13 carbon fiber snare drum: Lightweight and powerful

Wow--this thing is a cannon.  I tuned the snare side to 400Hz at the lugs, and batter side to 284Hz at the lugs, giving me a 3F note.  A lot of body with very little overtone ring, and a decent rimshot, too.

If you get a chance to pick up a Rocket Shells snare, listen to Rythym Dog--do it.