Welcome to Drum Nuts (& Bolts)!

Introducing Drum Nuts (& Bolts), a blog for drummers by a drummer to discuss selecting, upgrading, setting up, and tuning drums.

By Darin Soll

Welcome to Drum Nuts (& Bolts)! I'm Darin, a semi-pro (big emphasis on the "semi" part) pop/rock drummer.  I have the good fortune of being associated with a band of very talented forty-something musicians, all of whom have day jobs but still dream of becoming musicians full time!  We perform from time to time, but for us, the music is really about getting together, jamming, and trying to keep our skills sharp.

As any performing drummer knows, the drummer also has the most difficult technical job.  It takes a lot of time and energy to (1) select the right components for one's drum kit, and (2) set up and tune those components correctly.  This may not seem overly complicated--until you realize that the gear you selected for weekend gigs doesn't work so well in the recording studio.

We all learn a lot along the way, which brings us to the purpose of this blog...Drum Nuts (& Bolts) is about the technical side of drumming:
  • Selecting quality gear on a budget
  • Choosing the right heads and accessories
  • Setting up your drum kit
  • Tuning like a pro
  • Buying used gear with confidence
  • Upgrading gear
  • Cleaning and restoring gear
  • Evaluating useful tools and techniques
  • Understanding gear manufacturing materials and methods
  • Staying abreast of new industry developments and trends

It may also be helpful to mention that as a blog focused on the technical side of drumming, it won't be covering topics such as playing techniques, patterns, best drum covers, etc.  Instead it will cut through industry hype, marketing hyperbole, and common misconceptions to help you evaluate, select, and set up great-sounding drums, cymbals, and accessories.

In the coming weeks, months, and hopefully years, I will share what I've learned over the years to build a professional-sounding kit on a budget, as well as all the tips and tweaks that I've picked up over hundreds of hours in the rehearsal studio.  If you are like me and have developed an interest in the technical side of drums, please feel free to jump in and comment on my posts!  Often times, your comment will resonate with others, and keep the conversation going.  That's the power of a useful blog!  But as moderator of those comments, I will do my best to separate fact from fiction, which unfortunately has become somewhat blurred on several drummer-oriented forums on the web.

I hope you enjoy Drum Nuts (& Bolts)!


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